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2018 Kawasaki S SE in Pearl Lava Orange

Bought it on June 1st of 2019 with 39 miles.

Just hit 3,400 miles today on 10/9/2019.

New rider and loving every minute.

Two Brother Racing Exhaust
Matt Gecko LED Projector Headlight
Corbin Gunfighter Saddle Seat
R&G Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator
Kuryakyn 2510 Torpedo Turn Signals (Currently just in back. Struggling to find the proper mount to install the front ones.)
Kuryakyn 5919 Hex Side Mirrors
2017 Kawasaki z650 Speedometer

Future Plans:
Power Commander Chip and Tune
Louder Horn
Koso Infinity LED Tail Light
How did you get the z650 speedometer to work on there?

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Inline bikes are butter smooth; I'm curious how the 650s is. I've ridden a Kawasaki Concours, both the earlier 1000cc version and the current 1400cc version. 1000/1400 is a BIG bike for an inline bike; gobs more power than the biggest V-Twins. But they are just SMOOTH. First time I rode a big inline bike I couldn't believe how nice it was. Unfortunately, the riding position doesn't work well for me. And the power is just insane. Even on the 'old' 1000cc, and the new Concours 14 is just a rocket.
Very true ! Lol
Concours are insane.
FJR Yamahas are too
541 - 552 of 552 Posts