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  • Flyingleatherneck ·
    I don't seem to be able to post...but REALLY would appreciate you FORWARDING the Enclosed to Drifterrider. Need Help. \ Flyingleatherneck

    Can you please FORWARD this ?


    Hello Drifterrider !

    Flyingleatherneck here. Trying to re-create my OLD Drifter 800 with a New ( used ) Bike...but unfortunately , Osprey doesn't make the Wonderful 800 Drifter Brackets anymore for me to Mount my Exact Replica Indian Traveleer Bags to my New Ride .

    And then , Miraculously , I came across your Post ! Could you help a Brother Out and PLEASE Shoot me the PDF of the Brackets ?

    My intention is to bring Sheet metal , and the Plans for the Mount for my Vintage Chummee Seat that Heathers Leathers is restoring for me ( after I have the Mounts fabricated and welded on / He sent me the plans ! Happy to share if you need those) to a local machine shop and have it all made together .

    You would REALLY Be Helping me out in a Big way !

    Thanks Drifterider !
    allandr ·
    Seen grab rails (for vulcan s) featured on Indian reviews of the bike but nowhere. Are they only available for the Indian market?
    hey rider,

    was just checking and IF, i'm not mistaken i have 50 PM'S allowed?

    before ya'll approved me i saw that i was only allowed 1 PM and was wondering if that would change after some period. it appears that supposition was true? or am i mistaken, ONCE AGAIN.

    i really don't know WHY, i was concerned. WHO in their RIGHT MIND would want to talk to me privately, i couldn't fathom.

    thanks for your time and effort.

    have fun
    The Heater ·
    Hi, what do you think of the 2018 Goldwing?

    I test rode the GL1800 back in I think 2004 in Daytona Beach, FL during Biketoberfest. My wife really liked the passenger seat. It rode similar to a sport bike and it handled really well at slow parking lot speeds and had plenty of power. I had just ridden down there on a sport bike from the Seattle area for the event and my only complaint was that the side bags seemed smaller than the old model.
    Ealexmeza ·
    I have a 2014 Vulcan, i want to
    Put a 240 wide tire kit , have anyone here have any advice or input or photos. Please share
    ?WTF? ·
    This is so frustrating. I was a long standing member as SteveJB and a top contributor, but I got locked out of my account a year ago and have been unable to get any help from anyone to get back in. I finally registered under a new name and I can't do anything on the site until I've met minimum posts. The problem is I have no option to post at all. According to the message at the bottom of the page,
    I may not post new threads
    I may not post replies
    I may not post attachments
    I may not edit your posts

    So basically, until I reach 5 posts, I can't post anything. Please help me here. I've got a new bike and I'd really like to get back into this forum. Form letters won't help, I need to talk to someone who can actually help me get into my original account.
    1property1 ·
    When is the cut off for the bike of the month spring edition ? Finally got mine out of storage and cleaned so would like to get it entered if not I will wait till bike of the month returns.

    danchoi1234 ·
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    KawHow ·
    I am getting this message , why is that ?
    KawHow, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

    I am trying to locate info (facts) on if a guy can or cant use
    2008 Kawasaki VN 900 C Vulcan -rear turn signals + License plate holder
    for "06 Kawasaki Meanstreak (MS1600) turnsignals and plate holder , just in case you could find this info.
    Thanks, "KawHow"
    Howard <[email protected]>
    jtaydees ·
    HI!, need some help indent very good with this forum, cant figured out how to post a " thread" .I bought a salvaged 2012 VN900 with a twisted frame, only 3k miles on the bike. Not looking for perfection, just to ride for pleasure. Do you know if i bought a "straight" 2007 frame off of eBay if everything from my 2012 would swap over and fit into the 2007 Frame?

    Thanks for any help :)

    FrankDaTank ·
    Hey boss, I am new to the Forum and wanted to post to classified parts from my 09 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic. I went down and wanted to see if anyone was interested in undamaged or altered stock parts. I am unable to post to classified, how do I go about to get access?
    calgary ·
    MN, this is rocnrol..... for some reason i'm not able to log in anymore. I had to create a new account to talk with an admin, noting was working. I keep getting login name and email not reconized??!!
    Serge V2K Russian ·
    MN-Rider, I bring my excuses to the community and U personally. That's due to my habbit to skip and scroll down any formal warnings and rules in the web space). Now I've studied attentively all the rules of the forum and I believe that will make a favor to me.
    infinnitone ·
    A newer member and trying to post an issue with my 1500, but getting denied to post. I created the introduction post to see if that's the problem but I still can't post. What am I missing?
    k0j4ck ·

    I am new to the forum and am unable to post my questions to the 1500 thread. Is there anything else I have to do to post questions to the Forum? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



    Admin Response: Reply sent via PM
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