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not sure I agree with all the article.. Colors are what sells.
Black. 50%+.:bomb: classic. goes with everything. Most successful color on the planet. Just ask any blak bear.
Red. 49%.:knife: Hot Italian Women = high performance = high maintenance! :mad:
all other colors. <1%
don't get yor feathers ruffled, nobody said it was bad, it is what it is.
trendy stuff is always in a state of flux;
Blue. :rolleyes:boring w capital B. says U got no personality.
Green. :D a freak, of nature. not sure if U stand out or blend in?
Yellow. :)the other color, red was not available, so swing the other way.:eek:
Orange. :pumpkin:yellow was already taken. Half way tween red/yellow, swings both ways.:eek::eek:
White. :skeleton:appliance. you got no life or imagination. work trucks in the desert heat.
Brown.:dog: need a nap, go hibernate. :beer: cuz ther is no :bear:

Purple::( as if green and orange wasnt nuff, now we got to suffer the purple peeple.
its kinda like kids who dye thier hair for tention cuz daddy don't luv them and theyr too afraid to set it on fire! though it would be improvement.

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Weeeelllllll.....okay. Normally bikers in TEXAS don't read articles that quote Picasso in the first paragraph. If our neighbors see us doing that, we lose our man card for 5 to 10 days, first time offenders. State felony if you get caught a second time, and you're forced to move to Oklahoma if you're caught after that. But, since you're a friend from a northern state, and Ponch was the first to violate the rule, I went ahead and read it. I almost stopped again when the author quoted Van Gogh in the yellow paragraph, but I swallowed my burning hot coffee and struggled on through.
I do wonder if the author of that article has a pet dog and what kind of dog he has.....or if he owns a cute little kitty.....just sayin', but that's to debate another day.
I guess he's correct about you being a nice guy. You are. You can take your nose out of the circle now. Let's see, I've got two bikes, both maroon-ish, one with a yellow/cream blend I call, with all my sophistication, "banana puddin" color. If we say maroon-ish is a dark red(red with some black mixed in), could we use this article to say that's deadly sexy and bad arse (from the black) and mean and fast (from the red). Actually, that does fit me doesn't it?:D except I'm about as fast as a Massey Ferguson tractor!:eek:
The "puddin'" color confuses me, though...close to yellow, which means I'm smart and thoughtful;) or arrogant and snobbish:rolleyes:
Okay. I'll go along with your definition of colors. I do see merit in Ponch's definition also.
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