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Hey guys and gals

I’m looking it buy a stock headlight. 2014 Vulcan 900 Classic.
I don’t need the bucket, don’t need the bulb, don’t need the dust cover, don’t ACTUALLY need the headlamp either.

what I need is the following:

  • chrome trim ring
  • bracket that screws into headlight to adjust beam angle (silver one)
  • adjusting bracket on the back (black one)
  • the mounting screws for the black bracket and Teflon pieces
  • the metal threaded washers
  • vertical and horizontal adjustment screws/springs/Teflon blocks.
see photo attached (only thing not circled is the bracket screws to the lamp itself.

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Saw this one on eBay. Can make offer. The bucket is rusted but you don‘t need that, but could use it as the reason to offer a lot less.

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