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I found a nice used jacket for my gf, and it has empty slots for armor inserts. She and I are a little safety-obsessed (especially because I'm a somewhat new rider), so we'd like to get armor for it.

It's an older Joe Rocket jacket, but I imagine there's at least some interchangeability between brands. Though I do know that sometimes it is not, e.g. back pads can vary in shape a lot between some brands.

Does anyone have these? Perhaps you upgraded the armor in your jacket, or ditched it altogether for comfort?

Here are the measurements for the empty armor insert slots:

10.5" long
6, 4, 5.5" wide at the elbow pad, hinge, & forearm pad, respectively

8.25 by 6.5"

17.5" tall
14" major width
6.5-7" minor width
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