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I've searched the forum and havent found much on this Wiseco Controller. I understand its a rebranded EJK. Does anyone have experience with this. I was able to find stock settings but are there any other recommendations for the tune. Only add on i have is Cobra exhaust. I put a quiet core baffle in and I think its running a little rich now.


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Go to the Dobeck Performance site, products, Kawasaki, your bike and view. Click on the Gen 3 EJK or whatever is the equivalent to what you have, and it will show the default settings. Once you have the defaults entered, start adjusting the settings starting with green, green timing, etc. until you have it set like you like. It helps to have the unit mounted where you can see it while you ride so you can see when it changes ranges.

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I kept this for my EJK. Sending the ECU to Ivan would be better but if you want to stick to the EJK this may help.

Originally Posted by Dreadpiratejay ??

Greetings! I have a Bully Processor which is very similar (if not just ?Different branding) to the EJK.

Lets talk Concept:
3 fuel maps

Green = Idle and Cruise
Yellow = Acceleration
Red - Wide Open

Green/Blue = Point at which the processor Turns on - Uses the Green Map
Yellow Blue = Point at which the Yellow map is transitioned from the Green Map - as you accelerate.
Red/Blue = Point at which the Red map is transitioned from the Yellow Map - Wide Open

Note: Before you start - write down where your EJK is set at now -FYI - Press mode button Read where the Green lights are at (example: Light 2 and 3 on is a reading of 2.5) Press mode button go through each setting.

In theory, What you want to achieve is to have a green (Cruise) map that stays on all the way up to the speed which you Normally Cruise at. You will achieve better fuel mileage if the green stays on with some amount of acceleration, but the yellow map kicks in if you go to pass a car or accelerate out of a corner. Similarly, you do not want the Red (Wide open map) to kick in when you are at 3/4 throttle,

Now lets tune: (I'm gonna assume your EJK is mounted so you can see it while riding?)
Watch the lights. Pay attention to the throttle you need to give it to change the lights. When you are running at your normal cruise speed are the Green lights on? or are the yellow lights on? If the Green lights are on that is good. If the Yellow lights are on you are using more fuel to maintain that speed than needed.

If the yellow lights are on at cruise - do this - go to the Yellow / Blue setting (Accelerate Turn On) and make the number higher 1 number. Repeat the test ride. You should attempt to raise the Yellow/Blue so the Green light stays on at Cruise speed.

Once you get the Green on at cruise speed - Does the bike run smooth or rough? - Now adjust the fuel on the Green setting up or down and observe how it rides in the Green zone. (I adjust the Green (add fuel) at Cruise depending on Fuel type and even altitude).

When you are Happy with the Cruise setting - Now observe the point the where the bike is in the Yellow (accelerate mode). Can you feel it when the Yellow map kicks in? Is it smooth or does it stumble? Repeat the add or subtract Yellow setting so it's smooth during acceleration. My rule of thumb is to lean it until it gets rough, then go up .5 and try it. You are looking for the smoothest with the lowest setting.

If so desired - repeat for the Red setting. On the Red / Blue setting try to get the red map to turn on at Wide Open only. (This could be tough - I could never get the Red map to turn on on the 2009 Voyager I had, Same processor Red worked on the 2012 and 2013)

Now - Set the Idle Map. I have mine set to where the Bully turns on (Green Map) at about 1,100 or 1,200 RPM's - So basically at Idle it's off.

Now lets define Off and On for the Bully/EJK. For the Bully - I've been told that the processor has been programed to specifically work with a 1700 Kawasaki, Let's call it a Base Map. This Base Map institutes mods to what the Stock ECU puts out. (Note: Per Gman - there is No Way to Zero Out a Map as with the Power Commander - This is why the EJK/BULLY will not work with an Ivan Upgrade).

I hope I added some useful information to the conversation.


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