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Will I miss them??

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The cold idle solenoids, that is. ('05 1600 Nomad)

In looking at different methods for 'economical' intakes, some leave the cold idle solenoids in and some remove them. I ride in ND and cool weather but won't the 'choke' or 'enricher' take care of the cool weather riding?

I made a 9" filter attachement for my 1500 classic carbed, by cutting the metal base from the Spectre chrome set and epoxied it to the factory backing plate, using the outer 1/2 -3/4 inch for the filter to seat. That will be a little more difficult on the FI 1600 and all the stuff sitting on the backing plate but I think I can do it here.

I use a Wix 42152 paper element and it's inside diameter is a little less than the other 9" filters so need the room for that too. (We did a 4 day ride last fall with 1/2 of the time in the rain and together with an Outerwears 10-1656 full cover never had a wet filter.)
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You won't miss them at all. I eliminated mine a few years ago when I did the chuckster intake. I live in Iowa so it has seen many cold start ups, no problem.
One thing you won't miss is the ticking those things make when you start up. That's one of the first things I took off my bike. That and the crossover tube when I added my New intake and filter .


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Dropped a message to Chuckster's Customs asking about filters in his dual plate system.

My phone rang about 15 minutes later and I now have one of his kits on the way that I can hide under my factory dog bowl.

Can't beat customer service like that.
Some folks experience no issues, some have cold start problems
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