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Will Front Fenders Interchange 1500 vs 1600 Classics

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Okay I know Kawasaki has different Part numbers for the 1500 Front Fender and the 1600 Front Fender. But will these interchange between the two bikes and not rub the tires. Has anyone put a 1500 front on a 1600 or the reverse? Talking 2003 to 2008 Classics. They look the same to me in photos but they may have different bolt spacing. Trying to find out if anyone knows for sure.
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Front fenders from a 1500 classic and 1600 classic will not swap out, way different. 2008 was the last year they made 15 and 1600 classics.
I have a Brand New 06-07 1500 front fender Ebony color in the Kawasaki box part number 35004-1419-H8 if anyone needs a new fender. I think it should fit most 1500 bikes but the box says 06/07 on it. I was thinking of putting it on my 1600 as my fender is dinged some but since it will not fit my bike I am going to sell it for what I paid for it plus shipping on it if there is shipping. If someone close by wants to pick it up then just my cost on it. I paid $150.00 for it so that is what I need to get back. I has a small paint blemish on the tail skirt from factory about 1/16" wide and 1" long right at the bottom back side on it but can be fixed in about a minute. It is right on the side back on the lip of the fender but you need to look hard at it to see it at all. I think it had a run in the factory paint shop then the thing fell off when shipped. This is not an aftermarket fender but an actual Kawasaki oem fender in the Kawasaki box from the factory. It was never installed on any bikes. So if anyone wants it let me know and we can get the deal set up.;)
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