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I have a 1999 Vulcan 1500 Classic that's shaft driven and I'm looking at a wider rear tire for it. The tire that's on the bike now is a 150/80/16 and after breaking out the tape measure, it looks like there's a 1/4" gap on the right side between the tire edge and the inner edge of the swingarm. On the left side however, there's what appears to be a clamp on the driveshaft and with the way the clamp is positioned, I don't have much of a gap there at all.

However, if it were possible to loosen that clamp (idk what it's even there for, maybe someone with more experience can explain), rotate it so the flat side of the clamp is towards the tire, and then retightening it then that would give me a 1/4" gap on the left side as well. So, if it's possible to rotate and re tighten that clamp, what tire size would I be safe to run on this bike given a 1/4" clearance on each side of the tire?

I put a few picture below also to maybe help some, I appreciate any help.

Right Side :

Left Side w/ clamp in question circled :

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