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I have a question that's EASY to answer but hard to solve....Who would like to become a millionaire? Now, we all agree we ALL do, but HOW?

I believe the answer for how is right before us....we can all help each other or at least one of us can soon become one. Here's how....
What are some great ideas or inventions you would love to see on your motorcycle......maybe some kind of add on to have reverse? Maybe a flip up rain canopy? Maybe some pop out stabilizer wheels? I don't know exactly, but let's toss around some ideas that we wish we could see invented or created. Lots of you guys on this forum have extensive skills that could actually work it out!

I wish they had a add on reverse. Maybe an add on electric one that would go a couple of mph max. Just something to back ya out of those rough spots!

How about a selectable baffle system that could allow more or less noise from your exhaust? Kinda like a damper on ductwork.

What about a magnetic system for cruise control instead of the standard mechanical lock that we use today? Electro magnetic system that when when you touch "CRUISE" the magnets lock the throttle in place. Can be unlocked by the brake or perhaps a good twist.

Quick clips for your saddlebags.

Just a few thoughts........

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The selectable baffle system does exist. It uses a switch on your handlebars, it's like a volume control for your pipes!

I want REAL cruise control. I also want people to stop calling throttle locks cruise control, you're giving these folks way too much credit and that's why they are charging $200 for a 92 cent clamp! Cruise control maintains your speed regardless of terrain by adjusting your throttle for you. Throttle locks lock your throttle in one place. How cool would an affordable, easy to install cruise control system be?

Another cool thing would be a throttle lock that was a simple 'switch' that switched between a spring-return throttle, and a 'set and forget' throttle. I dunno how you would do it, but it would be cool if you could 'set' this little device, and your throttle would be just as easy to twist, but would stay in place wherever you left it. For safety, hitting the brake ought to release it back to the throttle spring. Be great on the interstate, you could still make little adjustments without effort, and maintain your speed, but your hand wouldn't have to 'hold' the throttle open.

Heads up displays for a bike! That'd be cool. Cadillac is doing that now with their cars. It'd only work with a tall windshield but, the idea is, a small projector projects an image on your windshield that gives you the same info your instrument cluster gives you, but you can adjust the position and have it right in front of you, so your eyes stay up!

Y'all can just send me a check whenever :p
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