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Hi! I have a weird noise I've recently noticed. It seems to come from the left side of the bike. Here is a detailed description:

It sounds like a UFO taking off. Like a "woowoowoowoowoo" that gets faster as RPMs increase in-gear. It does not do this out of gear. At about 30mph in 3rd is it the loudest. 30mph in fourth and I can't hear it. 30mph in 2nd and its a bit quite. It increases in pitch until it eventually becomes inaudible. I start hearing it at about 15mph in second gear.

Here is a list of things looked at:

Timing chain
Replace oil and filter

Apparently the P.O. had this problem as well but didn't mention it. He was at least nice enough to refer me to a shop that said all the work done to it previous. The shop owner said that he believes it's deeper in the engine, and that it'd cost more than the bike to find and fix. I personally think it's in the tranny as it doesn't do this in nuetral or if the clutch is pulled in.

Can it be the chain? Is it natural transmission whine? I'll upload a video tomorrow. Anyone have ideas?

Bike: 2004 Vulcan 500. 14500 miles. Had the whine since 14000 miles.

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