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So who uses what brand of saddlebag liners for their 900 Classic? I want to be able to just grab a bag and go, and take everything out of the saddlebag, without having to fidget with the saddlebag itself and try to remove it. My main worry is stuff getting stolen from the saddlebag while I'm in a hotel for the night while on a road trip, which is why I'm looking at getting a pair of Liners.

Sure, I could get a pair of aftermarket lockable saddlebags, but I don't want to go that route as I want to keep everything as OEM as possible, and I really love the look the studded saddlebags on the Classic LT I'll be picking up the day after tomorrow.

With that said about going OEM, I did see that Kawasaki makes saddlebag liners for the Vulcan S, so I sent them an e-mail asking if those liners would fit in my '09 Classic bags, and their customer service support was less than helpful. I ask about A, they talk about B. I reiterate that I'm talking about A and not B, and they start talking about C. I reiterate that I'm talking about A, not B or C, and they start talking about D. So I basically have given up on them. So does anybody know how similar the saddlebags are between the 900 Classic and the Vulcan S?

Does anybody reading this have a Vulcan S with saddlebags that they can get me the interior dimensions of the saddlebags? Can someone with a 900 Classic get me interior dimensions of their saddlebags?

My ideal goal would be to get Kawasaki made saddlebag liners that fit perfectly inside my saddlebags. However, if that isn't possible, then that's when I'll start looking at aftermarket, as my two goals are that they're a quality product and that they have as close to a perfect fit as possible. Budget isn't an issue. I'm not really looking to spend $100+ on each liner, but I'm also not really at all interested in the cheapest and crummiest thing there is, as I want a quality product that will last and last.

Lastly, the liner being waterproof would be great, as I imagine the stock saddlebags aren't very waterproof.
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