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Where to buy the Pinstripes?

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I have a 2013 with red pinstripes but I know many other years have pinstripe models in varying colors. Anybody know where you can buy those pinstripes aftermarket? Searched a few sites, ebay, and did some checking but I cant seem to find them. Seems like something that would need a repair/replace from time to time. I am going to call the dealer tomorrow, but just wanted to see if anybody else has tried to purchase this before???
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the guy who painted my batwing fairing and trailer ( autopro body shop) used the matching gold pin stripes along with the 2 tone paint ... try a bodyshop ... they may help you out.

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Lots and lots of hot rodding shops can do this for you. Using whatever color you want, and it'll be painted on. So you won't have to worry about peeling or any realistic fading in the near future. I'm on a handful of hot rodding forums.... so if need be I can find a barrage of businesses that can do this for you in your general area. BTW. .... it's not expensive either...
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