Buying motorcycle clothing and gear online always has some risk associated with it. How an item will fit, the look and feel, questions about functionality, and the overall quality of a product are factors that are difficult to determine without physically handling it first. In an attempt to help, some online retailers will have catalog photos and post the manufacturer’s sizing charts to help with fit, but these are very basic guidelines at best. And if the item does not fit, or is not what was expected, how easy will it be to return, and what will it cost the customer to return it?

When it comes to selling motorcycle gear online, one company stands out with unmatched customer service. With over 25 years of experience selling motorcycle clothing and accessories, goes to great lengths to ensure proper fit, best prices, and unparalleled communication to answer any questions about the products it sells.

When it comes to clothing, ensuring the proper size means checking the fit using its specialized mannequins, going far beyond just relying on the manufacturer’s suggestions. The mannequins uses are not the type that display clothing in mall stores, but are anatomical forms that are used by the garment industry to generate the patterns the manufacturers use for production clothing. This allows for a consistent, repeatable method of measurement, and it’s known as the “MG Fit Check”. Nicknamed Huey, Dewey, Louie, Laverne and Shirley, the mannequins represent the average sized riders, and their measurements are provided for personal comparison.

Fit Check

Along with the fit check, takes in-house photography of many of its products, as well as offering what it refers to as “Our Two Cents” reviews that highlight features, benefits, and any potential issues the product may have.

For helmets, it offers, a website that offers the same attention to detail that the MG Fit Check does, with a focus on head shape, which is much more accurate than just the head circumference measurement that most sizing charts rely on. The staff have compiled an extensive database of helmets, and have developed a technology to be able to measure each size of each model for shape. It also offers a specialized head measuring kit that is shipped to the customer, which allows precise measurements which are submitted back to From there, a report is generated that provides shape and size matches for all the helmets in its database. The measuring kit and report are $19.99, and comes with a $15 store credit.

This level of commitment to customer service and satisfaction is possible in part because is still a small company, one that had humble roots selling used motorcycle leathers on consignment, and was originally known as New Enough Motorcycle Leathers. As the company grew, it began selling closeout and non-current new motorcycle gear from vendors looking to get rid of old inventory. As discounted new gear overtook consignment used gear in their portfolio, the company purchased the URL in 2008, and continued expanding from there. In 2017, the original founder retired, selling the company to two longtime employees, who can still be found answering the customer service phones, emails, and chats at the Plano, Texas offices.

If a customer has a question, most likely has the answer, and if not, the team contacts the manufacturer for the correct information. The customer is then given the answer, but at the same time, the database is also updated, in case the question comes up again. Keeping the customer happy is the goal, so shipping is free on orders over $89, and if even after the MG Fit Check, detailed descriptions, photography, and reviews, the customer needs to return the product, there is no restocking fee.

Along with the exceptional customer service, extensive databases, product testing and reviews, strives to find the best deals on the best products on the market, and is constantly adding new brands and new products to provide the best selection. The team works with brands such as Klim, Shoei, REV’IT!, Alpinestars, and SW-Motech, to offer more gear for your money. is opening a new showroom in North Texas, with a May 22nd grand opening. Riders can look forward to door prizes, gear demos, raffle prizes, and much more. Storefront