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What is your favorite road or area you like to ride? In particular one that you often seek out or is your go to when you ride?

Mine is below (pic and Google Maps link here). It's basically a combo of two twisty roads that are about 15-20 minutes away from me. At the end is a small park near a hydroelectric damn with nice views and a place to take a break. I'll often ride up and down AL Hwy 25 (right half of map) numerous times as it has a lot of twisties and change in elevation that makes it a lot of fun. :smile2: Then when I'm ready to start heading back toward home I'll usually stop by Barber Motorsports Park for a quick break and to watch anything that may be out on the track at the time.

Edit: you know it's gonna be a good road for riding when you see the second pic below! :smile2:


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