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What Style Trunk do you have?

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I have a 2010 Vulcan 900 Custom and am looking to get a trunk added but am wondering what everyone has had and liked and cost? and what looks good on the Vulcan 900 Customs.
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Hi cockroach,

I've got a SHAD48 (48L) top box/trunk mounted on my VN900 classic. I had to get a local workshop to design and make a custom polished stainless steel rack mount for the mounting plate of the top box. It replaces the sissy bar and bolts straight onto the sissy bar risers. It gives me a lot of lockable storage (2 full face helmets, gloves, rain gear, etc). The box is very easily removable and I'm left with a base plate/luggage rack I can strap other stuff to, if need be. The SHAD box are made in Spain & are good quality, however, not cheap! I used to have it on a Maxi-Scooter I once had and since it was just lying around (minus scoot), I thought of utilising it on the Vulcan.
I had a trunk from Ride Bike Gear mounted on a Wompus rack. It worked very well on a cross country trip I took. I think I paid $149.00 for the trunk and around $150 for the rack.

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Thanks Guys, Ken I really like the look of yours as it looks your saddlebags are similar to mine as well and it all looks good together.
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