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What should I do???

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So I've got a guy who is offering me a 2001 Vulcan 500 with 11k on the clock. He's had the bike for a couple years and all the sudden it just stopped running on him. He doesn't know why.

He had a friend of his take the bike to try and fix the no-start condition and this buddy of his took apart the top end to repair it, but never did fix the original problem. He put everything back together and then the bike sat for 6 months.

He says he can't get the motor to turn over because the bike gets no spark, but honestly, I think it could be as simple as a dead battery or a bad coil. He's offering it to me for $300. For not knowing what the other problems might be, if there are any, should I even take the $300 risk???
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You could part it out and make money if it turns out to be a dud. Price is decent to take a chance on in my opinion.
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