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Weight of Stock Exhaust on VN900 Custom 2008

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Anyone know the weight of this part?

Also, what is the weight of the V&H Slash Cut exhaust that suits this bike?

I want to reduce curb weight of this machine as much as possible.

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Not sure of the weight but I would say the v & h is alittle over half the weight. I was surprised of the difference.
Hi Romper,
Why do you want to reduce the kerb weight as much as possible? What is your aim?
to reduce the weight on my 900 -------------------------- I would need to diet!!!
Thanks guys.

Sailor - I am thinking I may have bought the wrong bike because it may be too heavy for my own body strength. 274kg (610lbs) is a lot of weight to be lugging around I think for my build, and my shoulders are feeling it - degenerating into man without any capability to lift anything over my head or do any push ups or stretch without feeling pain. I have seen the physi o and I have tendon impingement of both shoulder rotator cups.

Hi again Romper,

So the problem is two fold. Firstly the physical injury, which may cause dificulties with all bikes, and secondly the weight of the VN.

As someone who has his share of physical challenges, may I , with the greatest respect, suggest a couple of things?

Firstly, buy an accurate tyre pressure guage if you do not have one, use it at home when the tyres are cold, before riding, and using a foot pump get about 36 lbs in the rear and 28lbs in the front. (Higher in the front if its a custom, of course) . The book pressures are way too low and make the bike ponderous and leaden feeling. If your pressures are currently too low , this increase will make the bike handle so lightly you will think you are riding a lightweight.

Secondly, and please forgive me if you are an expert cruiser rider, find somewhere with good grip and plenty of space, and no traffic - a huge empty car park perhaps, and ride in circles while looking where you want to go, with your head up, without touching the front brake, and lightly dragging the rear brake. Do this until you hardly ever need to touch the groundwhile manoevering slowly.

Trust me when I say that even the heaviest bike feels light if you can master the slow feet up riding. Its why bike cops work so hard on slow manoevres. And paddling around also looks stupid !!!! Hands off the front brake when going slow.
Again, do forgive me if this sounds like pontification, its just that until I practised the slow stuff on harder tyres, my VN was sooooo heavy. Now I fling it around with ease.
You will regret parting with your VN.
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Thanks Sailor.

No need to forgive me on anything you say. I appreciate all feedback with lots of value.

I regularly maintain my psi at 40psi in both front and rear.

I practiced that car park turning at low speeds when first got the bike and did help me and i feel ok turning at slow speeds - but no reason why i can't repeat and keep practising...especially since i have bobbed the bike now..

I read reviews of this bike and some claim it to be a PIG (too heavy for it's rated HP)....keen to know why these comments were made in these reviews and ask for your thoughts on this one..?

My main concern is how this bike (and I guess any bike would on the hwy) pulls / pushes my arms back when I am on the hwy. I only use the bike as a daily commuter to/from work - travelling about 10km in total on the hay each day and about 60km in total in city built up areas.

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Hi Romper,

I use a firm grip on the bars but with totally relaxed arms. Are you suffering from the bobber effect? I wonder if you are hanging from the bars because of the posture on your bike. This may also make the handling harder.

If you can hold your bars with your forearms almost parrallel to the ground you are not far off.

Hanging from the bars on a bike is a triumph of style over practicality. It has its place at shows I guess, but its not for me.

I am amazed that your bike could do damage or aggravate your shoulders. They should be really relaxed.
Good luck with it.
HI Sailor.

Good points raised. I can honestly say, that in the last few rides over the last week or so - I have become more comfortable with the bobber because I have consiously changed my posture to sit more upright. I do not feel pain when i ride - but only afterwards in bed, etc... Reducing weight of the bike further would be great for me as well I believe...

I have had this bike since last Oct. and the shoulder issues started way before I converted into bobber (done in first week of this Jan). I have only ridden the bobber about 5 times since conversion.

So, the bobber has not really been the cause of my shoulder pain.

But, what I now need to explore are 2 possible other causes that may have ingnited this shoulder pain:

- I commenced indoor rowing at about the same time as I took up riding the bike (bout Oct. last year).

- I also wear a 2 piece dianese leather suit i think designed for Gran Prix motor racing. The leather top has built in hard plastic shoulder pads which i believe dig into my shoulder blades when i ride the cruiser/bobber with arms stretched out somewhat. These shoulder pads I am sure dig into my shoulders and possibly cause the impingement...??

Not sure if it is just a coincidence that I also begun riding at the same time as above - or become a causal factor..? Perhaps a combination of all 3....?

I just visited my doctor today and he has diagnosed it as bursitis of the shoulders. I will have the Ultrasound done in 2 days time and he will then make a definitive call on what has happened (after the USS) and hence prescribe the right treatment...

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to reduce the weight on my 900 -------------------------- I would need to diet!!!
bingo!.. way bak a long time ago, I used to ride my zooki sv1k sport bike. all the fellas on the 4m were trying to reduce their bike weight.?. is only total gross 396lb..
some would go so far as to purchase Titanium Nut$ n Bolt$.. for a total net loss of an ounce or two? I said they should skip a burger and they would do more to make the sled lighter..

yikes trikes.. not a cannedham, er can am.. look at these www.tiltingmotorworks.com poncho
Yea don't waste your money. Either invest in rehabbing your shoulders with daily exercise, or get a lighter bike. Exhaust isn't going to fix your problem. Dual sports are always a light weight alternative. Give those exercises a thought if you aren't doing them already. A daily routine can change your life.
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