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Returned last night from a 2 day road trip from Walla Walla WA to Winnemucca and Elko, NV, and home, about 1000 miles total.

We had originally planned to go over Lolo pass to Kalispell, MT, but rain was predicted for the the entire trip. We had weather moving in from the north and west, so we picked a route to the east and south.

The highlight of the trip was Nevada highway 225 north from Elko NV to the Idaho state line. There's a stretch of road north of Wildhorse dam that is posted "25 mph curves next 10 miles" that runs through a rocky gorge with a small river along side.

Another road we took, which is interesting if you're heading west or east on interstate 84 is Idaho highway 78. This road runs between Idaho highway 51 (same as NV 225) to US95. Interesting scenery, farm country, and small towns, nearly every one of which has a public shooting range.

And a political sidenote--I'd like to thank (not) the Oregon legislature for repeal of the Oregon basic rule, making 55 mph the law of the land in southeast Oregon, where highways go on for hundreds of miles through barren sagebrush desert with only a gentle curve every 20 miles or so. All at 55 mph. I'd love to put every one of those bums in cars with governors set at 55, and send them off between Burns OR and McDermitt NV.
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