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Waterpump air bleed screw

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Hallo,my model vnt50a 1996
On the waterpump !!
Is that correct that the air bleed screw is the ,when i look strait to it, one on the left upper side? From that 4 cover screws i talk about!
Thanks !!!!
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That's correct, the upper left (rear) bolt.

Actually I looked at my manual, but in the 1998 1500 Classic manual (closest to yours that I have) there's no mention of bleeding the water pump like that. Shouldn't hurt to try though.
so i tried ... is not a bleeder! Only a cover bolt with grease, no coolant came out ,even full filled! Have to see tomorow whats going on! Maybe only next to thermost. !?!
Thanks !!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts