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Hi all,

I'm in a nice place. I've got a greeeaaaaaattttt 900 Classic LT that I'm putting miles on every single day. I love it. I'm happy. I might never by another bike. Or I might. I might be happier.

I'm shopping for a Nomad, 2012 or newer. I may not buy a new bike, but I'm pretty sure I want a bigger bike, so I might. I won't bite the bullet on a used new bike (a Nomad, 2012 or newer) unless I find one that is mint or really well priced for the condition. I'd like lowers, and exhaust and air would be nice, but these things are not necessary. If the bike has been lowered, that might be OK (I'm not tall). I expect good maintenance records. With some combination of these things, and a well-conditioned bike, I might pay you more than you think 0:).

Send me a private message if you've got one you want to sell. In the mean time, I'm putting mile after mile on my 9 ...

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