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Has anyone on here only Vulcan 900, and decided to go up to a Vulcan 2000??

Obviously looking for more power..
But with the weight differential, was it worth it?


2009 Vulcan 900 Custom
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I haven't made the leap from my 900 custom to the 2000 but, a friend of mine has one. During one of our recent rides we traded bikes for awhile and man, that big ol' bear is one bad mofo. I was most impressed with it's rideability and obviously it's raw power. It handled great through the twists and turns and when you get down on the throttle it's really something else. That said, it is a VERY heavy bike and you definitely feel it at parking lot speeds but, I'm sure after riding it for a bit that would be a non-issue.

I guess whether it'd be worth it or not to deal all that added weight for all that extra power is kind of dependent on how you normally ride. If you want a bike that will just eat up miles and miles of interstate effortlessly, the 2k is a perfect choice.

FWIW, he was REALLY impressed with my "little" 900 and said he'd be proud to own one. 馃憤

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I have one and definitely enjoy driving it. But, bear in mind they have been out of production for ~12 years now. Not that you'd necessarily need a lot of parts but some have been discontinued. And, for farkles, there never were very many even when it was in production and definitely less to choose from now.

2012 Nomad
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I went from a Yamaha 950 to the 1700 Nomad.
If you can handle the 900 well you should have no problem with the 2000
You just take it easy the first few weeks until you get used to the extra weight.

Out on the highway you will notice a big difference. The 2000 will be a more quiet comfortable ride.
In town, you have to be more conscious about parking places and tight areas.
With my 950 none of that was a concern. Even if I was parked on a downward slope I could still walk the bike backward up the hill while seated on the bike, That won't happen on the 2000
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