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Vulcan 2000 wont start?

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Hi guys this is my First post here,

Today my Vulcan 2000LT VN would not start, no power to gauges etc firstly I assumed the battery was dead, reading on the multi meter was 13.8V but as soon as you switch it to "on" position battery voltage hits zero basically.
To eliminate the battery as a problem we hooked it up without the battery to a running V6 engined car we get power to the dials when ever it is connected to the other battery (with or without motorbike battery) but when you press the button to kick it over it makes a clicking sound (in my opinion it does not sound electrical) it also does not sound like it is coming from the starter motor but does sound like it is coming from behind the main loom just before it goes under the fuel tank.

see Video for sound


Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Replace the battery. When it drops the voltage drops below 10.5 with a load on it. It's bad replace. If you are trying to jump it off, you may not have been getting enough amperage through the cables to do it. When mine got low, it would turn the engine over about 1/2 a turn. Then kick back when the battery didn't have enough to power it through the compression stroke.
Ok, I thought running it off the battery hooked to my 3.5l v6 would at least start it, so what you're saying is the cables wont carry enough amps so that sound is just because of not enough cranking amps.
Yea it's trying but not enough without the battery helping to kick it over. I left the headlight on on mine the other day for about 10 mins. It was doing the same thing. The headlight shouldn't have drained it that fast. Time for a battery.
Very bad idea to jump your bike with a running car. That's a good way to fry your stator. I've seen it happen.

Our charging system is rated at 38amps, most modern cars put out 100-140amps at full load and at very low rpm's. If you try and crank your bike with the car running, you can get more than you bargained for.
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