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Voyager rear belt pulley

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I happened to notice there is a bit of play in my rear belt pulley on my 09 Voyager. Just barely enough to notice it moving, a few thousandths maybe. I hadn't noticed it before but never really checked for it. I cannot move the wheel/tire assy any at all and the bearings feel/sound fine. Is this normal or am I looking at something that should not be here?
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What kind of play, be more specific. Side to side , rotational?

All rear hubs will have some play, if it is side to side and a very small amount as you say, it is the normal play in the pulley hub bearing.

If it is rotational play, then the rubber dampers between the hub and wheel are being compressed over the miles, this is normal. Excessive play , meaning like 3/8" rotational play between the pulley/hub ass'y. and the wheel would point to the dampers needing to be replaced.

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