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Voyager Clutch

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The clutch lever on my 1700 was becoming heavier to pull recently. then yesterday it started making an horrendous noise in the area of the slave cylinder every time I pulled the clutch in. I hate having problems especially whilst I'm away from home, but I could leave it so I removed the cover and slave cylinder to find the end of the pushrod was rusty as hell and about an egg cup full of grit and stuff inside the engine casing.
I cleaned it all out and lubed the pushrod with a drop of engine oil, just a drop so as not to contaminate the hydraulic oil seals.
Anyone else had this problem?
Can't say I am very impressed with the design.
In the process of cleaning the grit from the inner surface of the actual cylinder I wiped away some form of grease, which I guess is there to protect the exposed bore as the piston moves back and forth. Anyone know what this grease is??
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Have you been riding on the beach or dirt roads? That looks like sand in there. What was that material?

50,000 on mine and no issue. I have changed the fluid.
Nope, not been off road. That was just grit and road dirt.
This is my daily bike and it gets used in all weathers. I don't have a car.
I think I will give the end of the cylinder a coating of red grease and leave it alone until it starts making a noise again.
This is one example of where the Harley design is better. My Road King would never suffer from this problem.
No solution, but curious how many miles, how old, and have you ever changed the fluid? I am kinda like you in that I ride in most all weather and it sets out side always.
Been there, done that. About 35,000 miles on 09.
I doubt changing the fluid would make a difference, although that should be done every few years anyway. Simple fix...clean and lube. Now super smooth.
13000 miles
1 year old this month.
I have this problem last year. When you drive in rain and dirt roades this is going to happen. The constraction is made in a bad way regarding the clutch. I have cleaned mine up them i put an rubbet seal gasket with a hole for the pushrod in it so the dirt can not get in anymore.
Not with the Voyager yet but the same with a couple earlier scoots.... Just clean it out and put light grease on everything and it will good to go until it does it again.

There has been a lot of moisture in there. Usually happens to someone that washes their scoot a couple times a week. Or rides in the rain a lot like I do...

It will happen again, now that you know... make it an annual event to clean it. Or every X number of miles or oil changes. Even though I do have considerably more than 13k miles.
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