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VN1500A headlight issue

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Hi, having an issue with my headlight not working. It was fine, the other night went to a fast food store, killed the bike, came out, fired it up and no headlight, high beam or low beam. Pulled the seat and the fuse was good. Since then I've checked bulb, good and checked connections into the junction box, no corrosion. I pulled the tail light and head light fuses, checked them both with a voltmeter, when key is off, 0 volts were seen, turned key on and I see 12.8 across tail light buss, but still 0 across head light buss. Thinking head light relay maybe..If so, does anyone have a used one they want to sell? 1988 VN1500A..anything from 1987-1994 will work. SFair any ideas to check?? Thanks
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I'd check the charging voltage first, to make sure the stator is working.
Done that already. Puts out charging voltage within accepted range at both idle and higher RPM..Not a charging problem. Thanks though...
had (have) the same problem. When you start the bike let your finger snap off the starter switch (using the tip of your fingers). Never fails if you get a good snap.
1. Locate junction (fuse box).
2. Push red meter lead down beside blue wire to contact pin.
3. Start engine and take voltage reading.

Post back with reading.
had (have) the same problem. When you start the bike let your finger snap off the starter switch (using the tip of your fingers). Never fails if you get a good snap.
This is just working around (covering up) a problem and it will sooner or later fail solid. The failure will occur 500 miles from home, at night, in the rain.
I'm at work so I will let you know result. Do you by any chance remember if the blue lead is in the 10 pin connector or the 8 pin connector..
Thanks..I will check tonight and double check my charging output..
When I put my probe in the blue lead with key off, it read 0.00 as should be expected. Fired the bike up and the reading is 0.06-0.07 at idle and 0.09 at a little higher rpm. I built a shunt that went to the open opening above the blue lead, read 0 with key off, battery voltage at idle with key on and headlight lit up when key was on. So I'm not getting volyage out of the pin that the blue lead is connected to. Thoughts?
OK, go to yellow wire instead of blue and repeat test.
Set meter to ACV.
Ok, will do tomorrow. I did check DC voltage after I made the shunt. DC voltage at idle was approx 12.3 and revved up was 13.8 v DC. I will verify AC tomorrow. Thanks again
I'm assuming the red probe in the yellow connector in the 10 pin plug and the black probe to ground and meter set to 250 v AC
yes, sfair. My post was worded wrong. What I meant was to try this procedure and see if it worked. If it did it would suggest that something was wrong with the light switch. I meant it to be a troubleshooter not a remedy. Thanks
When mine did this, it was the Voltage Regulator. I went ahead and did both Regulator and Stator.
Just as a follow up, I did check the stator output and it was with specs that Clymer listed. I ended up doing the gadgets quick fix and found the terminal that has battery voltage with the key on and built a shunt. It has worked fine ever since. I know I need to get a relay eventually..Now I'm just like my H-D friends, turn the key on and the head light is on..
Thanks for all the help sfair!!
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