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VN 700 Parts

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I am located in Norfolk VA to know where these parts are located.

I know these are dime a dozen but if you want them your more than welcome to them.

I have the parts leftover from bobbing this out, so they are as I got them with the bike

I have the rear suspension, the chrome exhaust covers and after muffler pipes, Sissy bar, windshield, turn signals(some are missing the rubber mount), tail light, license plate bracket and light, battery box, and some other misc parts.
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Do you still have the sissy bar and the windshield? Do you know if they will fit a 2012 900 Classic? Does the windshield have all of the mounting hardware? Pleaser let me know either here or at [email protected]. Estimate for shipping to zip 98223?
I will take pictures when I get back home from work, sorry but that will be 2 weeks. I think the windshield may be universal but I'm pretty sure the sissy bar is a factory one for the VN750A frame. I will still take pictures and get you the shipping quote.
OK Thanks for the quick reply. If you could take measurements on the holes for the sissy bar that would be great too. Safe travels. If you are by chance in Washington State enjoy our weather.
I saw the ZIP code and was thinking I wonder where in WA that is, I am originally from there, but now I'm working down in CA. I think I would rather be in WA.
The zip code is Arlington. I live in Arlington and work in Everett at the Naval Base.

I just sent you a PM about the sissy bar and windshield
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