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vn 1500 range of the tank

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i recently got a year 2000 vn 15 and she seems to be drinking the fuel like a goodun
ive clocked the millage at 98 km/H and for the size of the tank seems like very low range.

it has a dynojet III on it (im not sure if its set up right as it backfires alot and can only twist the throttle half way before she starts over reving but dose fill simular to clutch slipping)


V and H bagger pipes on it.

just wanted to know if this range seems near enough normal?
if not what could be causing it.
as my 1200 sportster use to do more miles with a peanut tank on.

thanks lee
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These bikes have a 4.2 gallon tank including reserve. You should be able to get 120-130 miles before you tap the reserve. Something is definitely amiss.

Is it carbed? If so, carb probably needs a thorough cleaning and a kit to replace the rubber bits, and gaskets. Also inspect the rubber diaphragm on the needle slide. Check to make sure the float valve doesn't have gummy fuel residue in the needle.

It also sounds like whoever did the work may have used too big a main jet, common among DIY guys who think if is bigger is better, then huge must be great. A stock main in one of these is 138. Dynojet uses a different numbering system than Keihin, so a Dynojet 140 is the same as a Keihin 152. a small change can make a big difference. Also, check to see what kind of air cleaner is on the bike. It may be running too rich if the air cleaner has not been replaced with a high flow.

I'd start by pulling the plugs and inspecting them. It won't be a terribly accurate tuning indicator, but it will tell you if you're running too rich, as they will be black and sooty. Let us know what you find.
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Hi cheers for your reply. Its injected. Unpluged the dyno and pliged it back into the stock plugs on the jets. Seems to be running a lot smoother. Im going to reclock the range now so hopfuly will be better. Judging by looking at the air filter id say its stock. Hopfuly ill get time tomorrow to do a full tank of gas and go from there. Thanks again.
Okay. FI is out of my range of experience. But you might try taking it around the block with the air filter out and see if it accelerates better without bogging out.

Good luck! There are guys here who can definitely help you. Welcome to the forum- it is a great place.
I would check or change the fuel map in the power commander. Not sure what modifications you have. I run stock air box with k&n and Vance and Hines classic 2's and get good mileage.

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Its the map in the power commander, all wrong. If pipes only change from stock, should be ok without controller.

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You can check, power commander has a stock bike map you can load in and see. Since its there, I'd load a few different maps before discarding it.

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Cheers for your replys. Im gonna try the re maping defo running better with out at the mo. Another thing ive noticed is when I try and accurate hard the revs are building up but feels like theres a slight hold back on power. Ive never had a shaft bike before is this how they run? If not then prb clutch as it has that sort of fill to it.
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