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Vertically challenged 900 riders?

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Hey all.
I'm new here, but not new to motorcycles.
It's become apparent ,actually crystal clear, that I/we need a motorcycle with more passenger room.
I'm coming from a 750 Vulcan and it's a bit cramped two-up on long trips.
90% of my riding is two-up.
Don't get me wrong, I love the bike, it just about drives itself and on trips pulls the lil harbor freight trailer fine.
I've been looking at bikes a lil while and it seems the 900 classic sounds pretty reliable.
I've been doing some searching on here, but haven't heard from anyone that was a lil bit on the short side. I'm 5'5" , 30"inseam.
Any trouble with comfort on the floorboards? pedals about the right spot?
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I am a little taller at 5'9" but find the floorboards to be very well placed and also very comfortable.
I'm 5'9" as well and have no trouble at all.
I'm 5'4" and I used to tip-toe at the beginning when I bought a 900 Classic. My feet stayed well on the floorboard, but the reach to controls, a little hard. Overall, not a comfortable position for me, at least not for long trips.

But: I lowered the bike with 1", Baron rear lowering kit; added some pullback risers from Scootworks; changed the seat with a Saddlemen explorer (it lowered me 1", and move my body forward a little, so that I could reach the controls much better). Now I'm very comfortable, and have no problem riding it.

PS. 2015 Vulcan 900 models have a new seat compared with old models, which already lowers the rider and move him forward. I think it's done by Saddlemen too. I sat on one few days ago and I could reach down very well, not flat; also with the new seat I could reach the controls much easier.

Go to a dealer and test ride one. Then you can decide for yourself.
I have a shorter inseam than OP and t-rex arms.

My 900 Classic LT is fitted with Barron's 3.5" bar risers and a mustang seat. Most important was cutting the OEM windshield down 2.5" so I could see over it. Bike fits me like a dream now.
"I have a shorter inseam than OP and t-rex arms."

Love that description!

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Catalin : Since you lowered, do you have any issues scraping when turning?

MMGUT: That was going to be my next question , about the height of the windshield.:)

I take it nobody wanted to get some narrower handlebars?
Until now no scraping. But at the beginning I didn't run fast in the curves. Actually I started quite slowly on this bike (I had before a Virago 535). I bought it only 5 months ago, it was a 2012 leftover model - special edition. After all the mods I did and riding it for few months, I'm more confident in my skills and no scraping even at faster speeds (and stronger leaning) in curves.

I guess it depends also on your riding style. I prefer to enjoy the ride, not necessarily to be faster than others.

In any case, this bike is a good choice and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
If you are worried about the height of the OEM windshield, I measured it with me on the bike and it was too high. I chose instead a MS Sportshield (part number MEM-2313-0090, 9in cutout) and it's perfect for me. No need to cut it. It's only 18in above the headlight and it fits my height.
Stuff like that, I was wanting to know.
Thanks for all the replies.
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