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How do you remove the saddle bag handles
I just googled that question, and had a wealth of hits. Here's a quote from Jared over on the VBA. This is the process for his 1600 Nomad. Same bags & mechanism as your Vaq.

Jared said:
Directly behind the handle is a small cover held with 5 or so small screws. Remove these screws and, with a small flat head screwdriver, pop that cover off. There are small tabs holding it on and while you're prying you'll see them and should be careful not to break them off.
Once that cover is off, you'll see the bar that the handle, two springs, and a few spacers all pivot on. Take a picture, so you can remember the order of everything. Remove the tension from the springs, then carefully remove the c-clip on one side and pull that pivot bar out. I was able to push it behind the large inner cover, but I have read where some had to drill a small hole to allow the bar enough space to pull all the way out.
Once the bar is out, the handle should be free. I'd immediately put everything back on the bar even while off the door, so that nothing gets lost.
And here's the thread it came from... Some other tips in there... Or just google it, like I did.
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