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Hello Folks,

I recently took off the back wheel on my 2020 Vaquero (to get new tires). When re-installing the wheel I carefully followed the service manual - especially as it related to the belt tension bolts. I literally counted the bolt revolutions when tightening and was careful to have the tick marks align as close to perfectly on the left and right side. I even bought a tension gauge and went through that whole exercise (not exactly a precision process).

After a few short rides I went back to check bolts for torque, etc. and noticed that the drive belt is riding to the far left side of the pulley. Seems like if the wheel is centered then the belt should be centered on the pulley? I even took a ride to the local Kawa dealer to check their floor models, but no Vaqueros or Voyagers were in stock.

This may not be a big deal - but curious to see what you guys think? Is your drive belt centered?

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