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Well, I finally got popping to almost none...

Ever since I added the new intake and exhaust, my bike has been after-firing when throttle is about 1%-5% open during take off and deceleration. This is even after installing Fuelpak. I contacted Vance and Hines and they promptly sent me a new map info. Now my afterfire is almost gone. I will need to send them another email to see if I can fine tune...

Here is what I am using for anyone who has similar setup.

My bike is 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 custom.
Exhaust is Twin Slashed Staggered with quiet baffle
Intake is Kuryakyn Hypercharger standard. Manufacturer recommend setting the fuel module for Thunderair kit.

Vance and Hines recommended that I use FP-4261. This map is for oem intake with Twin slashed staggered with standard baffle. I tried the performance baffle map, and things were not good... more popping, very rough idle, hesitation on take off. So I went with the recommended FP-4261.

Vance and Hines recommended following changes to the map:

"Add a value of 7 to modes 6, 9, 10, and 11. Change mode 23 to a 20.

Vance and Hines also stated: "If you leave the throttle open on decel or while shifting it will always pop."-True, but how to you skip the throttle being open as you go from open to close?
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