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Been looking at my next upgrade, might just have to do something with the exhaust. I've looked/googled high and low and really have'nt came up with a lot of options. Big-n-Nasty from Barons seems to still be out there, but im also looking at hardbags in the spring and can't help to wonder if the reverse cut on the tips would create an issue with the bottom of whatever bag i wind up going with. So, any experience? ive also noticed that a lot of Hardley slip ons come up within these searches. It seems to indicate that theres a faily large potential for repursposing Hardley exhaust parts (exhaust anyway). any thoughts, experience with that?

Particulars are:

2007 VN2000LT
Darkside both ends
secondaries removed
spike intake
Pair system delete w/resistor
5th gear resistor mod
Home built lowers
Home built highway peg mounts
4 ways added
halo passing lights retaining stock light bar/signals
Corbin seat
Tour pack addition

Thanks in advance.

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