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I buy my engine oil in bulk and have 10w 40 it's jaso dh1 certified but due to wet clutch I wanna make sure its suitable.

Below is the product

I've been using the following for the last 42,000km without a problem.
It's Jaso MA same as Kwaka oil. I've been laughed at alot because it's marketed toward cars but it's the same spec and cost half as much as oil marketed for bikes. I get 3 oil changes from the 6L container for $43 when it's on sale.
I understand your question regarding DH-1 spec. Diesel oils have a different spec due to sulfur levels in fuel, and requirements with particulate filter in exhaust among other things.
You should be good to go but personally I'd be asking Penrite directly about this.
They would have a petro nerd that would be happy to assist selling their product.
Get it in writing.
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