I have two heavy leather motorcycle jackets that I will probably never use again in Florida. They are in great shape, no tears, no discoloration, nothing missing. I bought these jackets a few years ago in England, they are very high quality, nothing is getting through this leather. The XL is adjustable as you can zip it up to make it tighter or looser (look at the photos), the other jacket is a 60 but as with any European jacket, it fits a bit smaller.
$50 each plus shipping. Outerwear Sleeve Textile Collar Natural material
Outerwear Sleeve Grey Collar Electric blue
Sleeve Collar Creative arts Pattern Natural material
Outerwear Sleeve Grey Denim Wood
Outerwear Textile Sleeve Collar Leather jacket
Outerwear Sleeve Jacket Collar Denim
Sleeve Grey T-shirt Pattern Woolen
Textile Sleeve Grey Denim Tints and shades