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hopefully within the next couple weeks we will start stripping the bike down for paint now the weather decided to would work with us here, so while its up on the lift i figure ima try to get what all i can done as far as light repairs go and could use some advice as to what to look at.

ive had a recurring problem for a while now. ( little over a season) im not sure how to label it. but because its not a back fire per-say ( as in ungodly loud gun shot sound) but its in the same area code. other people dont seem to notice it but as im sure you guys know, you know your own bike better then any one and know when somethings a little off. theres a slight double pop that happens when im at cruising speed around town its not frequent but it happens after ive been riding for about 20 mins and its warmed up. it dont do it at idle and i have next to no back fire on decel it only happens at cruising speed and if i have the rpms leveled out .

mods are , V&h power shots, big baron open intake, the bully FMS , and the emission stuff is capped (marbled)

the plugs have about 15-18k on them but according to what ive seen they are suppose to be good up to 25k . i did have a bad back fire on decel for a while but solved it by resetting the FMS and replacing the caps on the vac lines. im just not too sure where to start tuning with it to see if i can fix this. i haven't road much yet this year but i do remember there being a light surging of power at cruise speed from time to time so im not sure if its getting fuel speraticly (a odd guess i had was im right between setting on the FMS so it keeps kicking it back and forth when im cruising making to lean or rich at the spot.)

the other thing is do you guys have a good place to keep a eye out for good deals on the rear shock for a replacement? this factory one is killing me and the prices ive seen are outrageous for some after market ones.

Thanks guys.
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