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got my EJK in today, I started .5 down from supplied settings, except for #4 which I set to 1

09 VN1700 Nomad
punched out exhaust and homemade Big air
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Have the Gman on mine, same thing different name, with 3 baffled on right, and 2 on left pipe drilled through, and Thunder Stock air Kit. Just did 3rd baffle, plan to ride 2-300 miles today, so will see if I need to adjust anymore. Currently have the greens 1 setting lower than when delivered. Runs pretty good for me. Mileage dropped slightly, but performance improved, mostly above 2,000. The flat spot from 2300-2800 is gone. Like being able to adjust on the go.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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