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Hi all,

I need some suggestions, I recently bought a '96 Vulcan 500 and am running into trouble getting the old girl started. I bought her used last week and was told the bike sat for some time, maybe as long as a year. I was able to get her started at full choke but would stall when I closed it, but no longer will kick over.

Here are some things I have done so far:

1. Adjusted the idle knob
2. Poured a generous amount of Seafoam (thinking the gas was stale or the carbs were dirty - sat for 24 hrs)
3. Replaced the battery (previous won't hold a charge)
4. Disconnected the carb (partially - left the throttle cables on) - seemed to be relatively clean.
5. I added fresh gas, without emptying the old.

After doing these above items I am not able to get her to turn over.

This is my first bike so my knowledge is minimal. What should I try next? Should I attempt taking the carb apart? Or is there another trick I can try?

Thanks in advance,
A frustrated new bike owner
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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