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Trip odometer broken

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I discovered a couple of weeks ago that the trip odometer on my 2009 500 is broken. Discovered it when the little knob that you turn to reset it came out in my hand. Now the numbers for the trip odometer are a bit cockeyed and the knob won't go back in. There is at least one part (a brass washer of some sort) floating around in the speedometer/odometer assembly.

When I tried to take the whole thing apart I realized that i really couldn't get it apart easily. I thought that was odd until I realized that was the point -- so you can't get at the overall odometer and reset it.

Is there any way to fix the trip odometer? Or am I pretty much screwed and will have to get used to writing down my trip beginning mileage somewhere visible? Irritating that I can't readily fix the thing.

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When I was working in shops we used to use these guys to do repairs on a few speedos each year. http://ddinstruments.com/
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