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ima try to make this quick and short for you guys.

went to bikes blues and BBQ in NW Arkansas this last week. i ended up trailing the bike back home because of a issue i developed with what i am assuming is the transmission. its my v2k 2007 classic lt. it has about 38-39k miles on it.

this is what it is doing during the 3rd day of the rally i noticed when i am cruising in 2nd and left off the throttle it squelches ( like the sound a tire makes when you lock it up) for just a half of a second. and the same if i jolt the throttle in 2nd. then after a short while i noticed it was doing it in 1st .

i thinking that clutch plates are worn down? or perhaps a issue with the fly wheel? taking random guesses at this point. its super loud and just started so im hoping to catch the issue before it gets to big of a deal. btw the sound is made when i DONT have the clutch pulled its just when im off and on the throttle for a half second then it rides completely normal.
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