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Greetings, my fellow Vulcan Brothers and Sisters residing where the Union Jack flies with pride!

I may be heading across the pond to visit Manchester, my father's heritage land, hopefully within the 2019/2020 season of the Manchester United Football Club.

If I go, I would LOVE to catch a match at Old Trafford. Regardless of who's our opponent. (..but Man City would be fantastic!)

If anyone would kindly assist me in securing hospitality for a match and even possible bunking quarters for a short stint, I would gladly compensate accordingly.

Please contact me via posting in this thread or feel free to PM me and we can work out a possible schedule.

*Mind you...this is only in the larval stage of actually occurring.*

I am just seeing who's out there that might help a fellow Vulcan Brother check off a "Must Do..Before I end up in THE BOX!" item.

Please let me know and we'll proceed from there.

Thank you in advance, everyone, and Glory Glory Man United!

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