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tire size

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OK........ so here's where I show my rookie hand when it comes to modifying bikes. what's the concensus when it comes to changing tire sizes on a bike? More specifically, going to a skinnier front tire. This would be on my v2k.
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Looks like if I stay with the stock wheel, the thinnest I could go is 130/90-16. This attachment shows its not much thinner.


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I'm looking to switch to a FLH fender, and it just rubs the tire while trying the fit.


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I'm running a ME880 130/60 on the front

FYI, I went with a 60 ratio, cause those are 18 inch wheels.

Since the wheel is bigger, I lowered the tire profile. Came out almost exact same over all diameter.

However, the WIDTH of the wheel is the same as the 16 inch stockers.

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rocnrol, a 130 is 20mm narrower than a 150.

Tire sizes break down like this: 150/80-16
150= width in mm
80= aspect ratio(side wall) 80% of width or in this case 120mm tall
16= rim diameter in inches

So by going to a 130/90-16, you would be going 20mm narrower and 3mm shorter sidewall (6mm total tire height).
Thanks for the info guys. It sounds like it shouldn't impact the handling very much. I'll move forward with a different tire, and then the mounting of the new fender
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