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So who wins february 2015 BOTM??

Time to vote for February 2015 BOTM!

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Poll will run into March as it only became a contest today. Let's pick a winner!

You can view the two bikes in the running for this month IN THIS THREAD

Note: You must have 15 forum posts in order to participate in the vote. The voting will run for a full 7 days.
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Not a lot of votes...

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casper,, that blak bike would look great and stand out with a white blanket sno bakdrop. if you dont win this month.. its only cuz you lazy'd out and didnt frame your pic.. its would be like losing when yor the only entry.:beat-up:
I'll can have a better pic next month because the snow we have now doesn't seem like it is going anywhere soon
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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