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sorry ahead of time if the grammars bad i been drinking and working on the bike since 9 last night its currently 11am lol. but i wanted to report. i have a 07 vn2000 classic lt. it has a big baron air intake and V&h power shots and the gman bully FMS , as well as a handful of other mods.

i spent the last 3 week working on the bike put a new led light system on it as well as brakes and other things. as some of you know from my posts.

id like to recommend the gman bully system over the PC3 and other similar items its takes no dyno no programs to tune and it super simple. i found that a majority of my problems came from the FMS . for some reason or another over the last 3-4 years that i have had the bike the settings have gone way off. i dunno if i tinkered with em in the past or if they have been bumped from time again to throw them off. but i set it up again to the manuals setting. granted i lost 10mpg since returning it but the power in 5th gear is explosive. which was my biggest complaint. it always bogged down. but since i have tuned it correctly its been awesome. since i took the time and put the work and research into the mods on it and tweaked the settings this bikes is next to none. some time soon ill get videos and photos of it done. there is a fuel sipper mode for the bully system which ill be looking into later this month an d will report back with findings. right now i am getting 35-40mpg with it. high way miles. but tuned right i think i can get close to 45-50mpg.

any one else run the bully system?
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