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Well it is mostly in the video how the bike is.

Surgery this Wednesday on my wrist is broken in three spots and that is no big deal be up and hand working as normal in next couple months.

Big shout out to a few people who helped me ever so much I can never repay you for what you did.

Don Scott - rescued me from Valemount Hotel after the accident
Colin Cherest - Who drove me in his truck with trailer to Valemount to load bike and trailer and bring it on home.
Arnold the tow truck driver - This man is amazing he not only picked up my bike after accident but did it with out causing any more damage to bike and trailer. He went out of his way to get me clothes out of trailer and things I needed while in hotel room waiting for ride home three days later from Don. He visited with me and made the pain go away for that time while talking to him. He did not over charge me for his services he undercharged me really for all he did.

To all you who cared on here and other forums I am on who are friends and fellow bikers thanks ever so much for your well wishes and concern.

It is amazing the people you become friends with in life so lucky I am.

So keep watching will up date you all on the improvements made to bike and what I do to it as I put it back together. That will start roughly in October first I have to heal up totally.

By the way I am walking ever so great now did about 14 blocks in Jasper yesterday. It all feels great. Just the hand and two broken ribs to heal now and I will be back.

Thanks again all.

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