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I have learned many things from the forum that I tought I might provide some info from my experiece. I finally went ahead and started making some mod's to my bike, first I started with opening up the air intake and installed a K+ type air filter on the left side removing the "dog bowl" and perforated the exhaust (only the last baffle and several holes on the sound chamber cap). This changed the sound for the better but felt like it was lacking response, I also disable the REED valves via "The Marble" and disconnected the selenoids. Even this might not sound like much I felt I was finally messing with the mechanics of my bike (made me feel a little more of a biker).

Now I needed to go for more power so I started researching the installation of a injector controller and looked over many treads and advice on the TFI by dobeck. Looked like the one I wanted to go with but Dobeck has come up with a Gen 3 and even a Gen 3.5 so I was reluctant to go with the Gen 2. Could not find enough info about people having installed the Gen 3 = EJK (electronic Jet Kit) but after exchanging several e-mails with Dobeck I finally went for it.

checked several sites, including Gadget's, for help on the how to and found out that removing the gas tank was required and so I decided to take this opportunity to replace the coolant also. Here what I found out during the install:
  • there is no going around taking off the gas tank, you can install the EJK just lifting it but it is harder to find a route for the cables and you would have to work on your knees or lift the bike all the way to table height.
  • this type of controler is very easy to install, no need to solder anything, just place the connectors making the stock connector "by-passed" the controler conector.
  • As I have a crash bar installed, in my case a Cobra Fat Bar, I had to take off the lower two screws of the bar so I could get to the radiator drain plug, no big deal.
  • could never find the overflow tank drain plug, ended up taking off the little tank so I could empty it.
  • the whole install and coolant replacement ended up taking me about 2 1/2 hours, once I had everything back together I had to take the gas tank off again to go over the connections. the second time taking the gas tank off was faster but it is not a 5 minutes job like I was lead to believe.
  • Once I finished the bike started right up, sounded better right of the bat and only had a chance to do a very short ride (back and forth in my block) but I could feel the difference in power and response.

I am looking forward to try out on the road to put the EJK to the test, will put up some feedback as soon as I can.
If I had to do it again it would probably take me 60 to 90 min. to do the whole thing.
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