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Taking bike out of "storage"

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Hello all,

I have a quick question. At 6900 miles my 2012 Vulcan Nomad 1700 had an oil and filter change with Amsoil oil. The bike now has 9600 miles on it. Mileage wise I know I shouldn't need an oil change, but the bike has been sitting since November because of the weather. Today I got the bike out of my little storage area and was wondering, oil change or no oil change? I did not start the bike once while it was sitting and today I put the battery in it and it started up like I rode it yesterday.

What do you guys think? Should I get an oil change or am I good to ride for awhile and get one once I put more miles on it?

Normally I would just change the oil myself and be done with it, but I'm currently living at an apartment with no garage and working night shift. Changing my oil in the middle of the night in the dark in my apartment parking lot does not sound like fun. The dealership said it will cost around $100 for them to do it.

Thanks for any help!
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Nope do not do it

No I would say your good with the oil you have in bike at that mileage. The oils these days are so much better than the old oils it is a vast improvement. The new cars allot of them are good for 15 thousand miles before an oil change is needed like my VW Passat TDI. Everything has improved in the cars and in the filter systems and the synthetic oils and I consider Amsoil one of the best I use it in my bike also and they also say you can go longer than factory suggested oil changes using their oils.

The one thing I think many do with the storage of bikes and cars during the winter months is they leave them sit for 5 to 7 months totally sit. They worry more about a 100.00 battery than the motor on the bike. After that amount of time sitting especially that long they throw the battery in the bike and crank it over and just start it up. I believe and I assume I am right that there is no oil left any place in the top end and on some other parts at all after that great amount of time it has all dripped down. I am lucky I have a heated garage or parking and I often go down about every two weeks and start my bike let it warm up a bit and then cover it again. God just nice to hear the bike run makes the winter a bit shorter not much but a bit.

I had a big block 454 at one point a camper truck and all it was used for and it sat usually in garage for 7 to 8 months never thought of it then. When July rolled around I would climb in it and start it up a couple days before holidays. Truck had less than 18 thousand miles on it when I sold it after 15 years of use. The friend I sold it to had to rebuild the top end of engine shortly after as valve guides were dry and cracked and I believe it to be from minimal use and starting it with out any top end lube in there at all.

So by my experience run your oil longer but start you bike more often during storage that is more important than many think.

My opinion only.
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Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the advice, I think I will be ok not getting an oil change first thing this season.
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