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Taillight speedo light nightmare

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Hey all I'm in a bind, I have a 2013 vn900 classic I took it in for its first service and when I got it back the speedometer light wasn't working then I got pulled over by a bike cop to find out my brake light was not working either (super nice guy followed me home and everything) anyway fuse was blown. Easy replaced it and it blew again as soon as I turned the key, I disconnected the clips and still it's blows please help. Graham.
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First service. Is it still on warranty? Other then a pinched wire somewhere causing a short not sure. I haven't had these problems yet.
Take it back to the Folks who worked on it.

Lesson learned Don't expect unless you inspect.
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Yep - suggest that the bike be returned to the shop which did the service and apparently caused the problems in the process. Next suggestion - get a shop service manual and service the bike yourself. Keep receipts for oil, filters, and other parts needed for service as evidence that the bike has been serviced if warranty work is needed, if the dealer the bike is then taken to attempts to blame the owner for the warranty problem.
Check your turn signal wires in the headlight bucket. Don't ask how I know ...
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