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Stator Question

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Do the later models ( 2011 and up) of the Vulcan 900 still have the stator problem that the early models experienced?
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Most stator failures seem to pertain to the 2006-2008 models.
I suppose the question then becomes:

Is this because the "newer" models haven't acquired enough miles to fail, or has Kawasaki improved the design somehow?
Your 2014 has 11,400 miles on it. No problem as yet?
Your 2014 has 11,400 miles on it. No problem as yet?

None as of yet. Though its my understanding that the earlier models that did have issues with the stator developed a bit past where I'm at.

I should be at a minimum doubling that mileage this year once it gets warm enough, so I guess we shall see what happens.
Yes, from 09 - present the longevity of the Stator has greatly improved, some have 35,000 mi and no problems as of yet. In the earlier models the Stator could go from 11,000 mi to 23,000 mi. it seemed to be a random event.
Sorry for breaking the thread here. Do any of you have pics of your luggage carrier? I have looked at three but can't decide what is best.
Thought I did, guess not.

at the moment, my rear fender is of the bike and sitting on my dining room floor as I'm installing a trailer hitch.

I was hoping to put it back on today, but looks like it going to be too cold out. Soon as I get it back together, I'll snap a pic.
Thank you. Good to know when i'm looking for a bike.
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