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starting idyle too low rpm

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2008 900 Vulcan starts fires for a few rounds dies unless given throttle. Have not changed plugs yet have 42000 miles on it. Once starts using throttle it then goes to fast idle (normal starting rpm) then settles down normally after that. Runs great except for this problem.
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Mine idles a bit low when I first start it too, but has never died. 42k miles and still on the original plugs? At 42k KM's I would have done that already. Yikes.... I'd swap those out asap. What other maintenance have you done to it asides from oil changes?
Most all my maintance has been changing tires, tighting drive belt, changing stator and rectifier. Ridden to work mostly as transportation. Use non ethanol gas had to set up for about a month when this started.
Take a look in the Vulcan 900 section, at the top there is a sticky on fast idle.

Post back if you have any questions or no success.
Changed sparkplugs, continued to ride it seems to have cleared itself in about 5 days riding. It is usually a daily ride machine about 60 miles, guess it got lonesome setting up for a month. I live close to the gulf coast where it is very humid most of the time, wet the rest of time. Something must have gotten sticky on the fuel body.
You might check the throttle body opening for a carbon buildup ring that won't allow the butterfly to seal.

will check when I get a chance. thanks for information.
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